In today's world the value of people talking about your product is sometimes higher than the money you would get for it. 'Get for a Post' is the leader social payment system, where people pay with the value of their social network. It's simple, every time somebody pays' with a post, he or she tells all their friends about the product. Boom.


Why is it profitable

Simply put, you get more customers and visitors due to word-of-mouth (viral) marketing, which is the most efficient way
of advertising.

Your account data is kept safe

Your Twitter and Facebook login data is not saved on our server. The 'Get for a Post' application is using the Twitter and Facebook OAuth login method.

Why does it work

Because your customers get the unique possibility to have your valuable product completely free of charge. For them, posting a message on Facebook or Twitter is a small enough price to pay. For you, it means more clients entering your website through the links posted by their friends!

Easy to set up

Prepare a website for your product. Use our service to create a 'Get for a Post' button. Place the button anywhere you like on your website. Start selling the product for Tweets or Facebook Wall posts. Relax and watch as your traffic increases!